10 Minutes of This Exercise Can Burn More Calories Than 30 Minutes of Jogging

If you think that the treadmill is your best friend, it’s time to think again. Sometimes even the toughest cardio can’t help you.

Cardio exercises will only help you melt fat, and “shrink.” But, if you are trying to increase your strength and endurance, consider adding resistance training to your routine.

Scientists conducted a study in order to determine the effect of resistance workout on metabolic constraints in cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The study involved 53 participants, and they were divided into 2 groups.

Group 1 was required to do pushups and squats three times per week for 12 weeks. Participants in group 2 didn’t do any resistance workout.

The results showed that resistance training improves the characteristics of metabolic syndrome in cases of non-alcoholic fatty liver.

The program consisted of squats and pushups. Experts compared the results of both groups, and the exercise group experienced great improvement. This means that resistance training improves the characteristics of metabolic syndrome in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

We give you a detailed program of exercises. You can do these anywhere and anytime. The best thing about this program is the fact that it targets several groups of muscles in the same time. This program will help you get the body of your dreams. It’s time to feel sexy again!

  1. Plank

Do the plank to engage your core. It’s also great for those who deal with back pain.

  1. Lunge

Lunges will give you a nice butt and hamstrings. Do the glute bridge if you deal with knee pain.

  1. Squat

Squats build up strong legs and butt. Use a barbell or dumb bells for extra intensity.

  1. Skater

It will help you develop knee and ankle stability, plus your heart will pump like crazy! In a good way, of course.

  1. Get-Up

Targeting a couple of muscle groups at the same time is always a good idea, and this exercise engages your core and triceps.

  1. Push-Up

Do it to tone your triceps, shoulders, core, and upper chest. Adjust the intensity, and go for a healthy round of pushups.

  1. Jumping rope

It’s a better alternative to jogging, and it will tone your legs and arms. Jumping a rope is a healthy way of burning calories. Have you ever tried the ‘phantom jump?’ Just toss the rope to the side, and imitate the same movement as if you are jumping.

  1. Pull-Up

You may find it challenging, but you will get better in time. Enjoy the challenge!

  1. Spider crawl

The spider crawl targets your core and boosts your hip mobility.

  1. Burpee

It targets several muscle groups, and melts fat. Adjust the intensity to your stamina. The Burpee is definitely a healthier alternative to your treadmill session.

Do these exercises, and you will be healthier, hotter and stronger than ever!

Colleen swears on the efficacy of this program, and she recommends it to individuals who are trying to lose weight and tone their body.