14 Genius Ways To Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

We all love coffee, especially in the morning. Read this list of uses, and learn how to recycle and reuse coffee again.

Use coffee grounds in the garden:

  1. Pest repellent

Sprinkle coffee grounds in your garden to ward of ants, snails, slugs and other plants. Mix coffee grounds and dried orange peel to keep away cats.

  1. Natural fertilizer

Coffee is the greatest natural fertilizer for acid-loving plants like azaleas, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, camellias, and roses. Mix coffee grounds, grass clippings, brown leaves and dry straw. Coffee grounds give your soil enough nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium. This fertilizer is low in phosphorus and calcium, which makes it a poor choice for encouraging blooms and fruiting. Add lime or wood ash to your fertilizer to obtain a complete fertilizer.

  1. Compost it for later

If you don’t need to use any fertilizer at the moment, add the grounds to your compost heap. Coffee grounds are abundant in nitrogen, and it will attract beneficial worms. Limit the amount of grounds to regulate the ratio of “green” to “brown” matter.

  1. Carrots and caffeine

Add coffee grounds to your carrots at planting time. Combine the tiny seeds with dried coffee grounds to give them enough energy. Your carrots will grow big, and you will keep them safe from pests.

Use coffee grounds at home:

  1. Absorb food odors

Coffee grounds can act like baking soda when it comes to absorbing food odors in the fridge. Load up a small cup with coffee grounds, and keep it in your fridge. You can later add the grounds from your fridge to your compost pile.

  1. Natural abrasive

Sprinkle coffee grounds on your cloth, and scrub away food residues. Coffee grounds may be abrasive, but they won’t harm the surfaces in your home. Keep the grounds away from the cracks, as they may leave stains.

  1. Golden dye

If you spill coffee on your white shirt, just re-wet the grounds, and stain feathers, cloth and Easter eggs. Use soaked coffee grounds to turn white paper into ‘antique’ parchment. Seems nice, right?

  1. Homemade candles

Turn coffee grounds into homemade candles. You need a small paper coffee cup, a paper towel, a cup of wax candle ends, a wick, scissors, a small saucepan, a glass mixing bowl, and coffee grounds.

  1. Clean your fireplace

Coffee grounds can help you clean out your fireplace without getting messy. Just scatter the grounds over the ashes to prevent clouds of smoke from arising. Coffee grounds weigh down ashes, making it easy for you to shovel it.

Use coffee grounds in service of your beauty:

  1. Exfoliate skin

Add a tiny bit of warm water or raw oil to your grounds, and scrub your skin.

  1. Rejuvenating facial product

Combine equal parts of coffee grounds and organic cocoa powder. Add whole milk/heavy cream and honey. Apply this alpha-hydroxy and antioxidant facial.

  1. Caffeinated soap

Caffeine can be absorbed through skin, and you can use it in your soap. Turn coffee grounds in a perfect homemade soap, and enjoy the caffeine kick in the morning.

  1. Your hair loves coffee, too

Massage a handful of coffee grounds into your hair to remove any residues without damaging your hair. It’s easy and efficient!

  1. Cellulite treatment

Sitting, smoking, and genes can give you an awful cellulite. Combine coffee grounds and warm water, and scrub affected skin areas for 10 minutes. You should notice the first results within a month.

Source: www.naturallivingideas.com