5 Celebrities Who Have Reduced Their Breast Size

There is an engraved opinion that women in Hollywood are increasing their breasts for both aesthetic and health reasons. However some of them failed to bear this burden and for various reasons decided to reduce their breasts.

These 5 women have reduced their breast size:

Victoria Beckham

5 Celebrities Who Have Reduced Their Breast Size

The wife of David Beckham, the famous football player, for years eluded the answer to the question whether she has implants. Finally in 2009 she admitted that she had implants, but she remove them.

Drew Barrymore


The famous actress Drew Barrymore reduced her breast size when she was only 17 years old. Otherwise, in several occasions she pointed out that she loves her body, even if she is overweight.

Denise Richards


After numerous operations, finally she decided to do the last on, which was reducing her breast size in 2009.

Courtney Love

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Courtney took off her implants in 2002, and decided to keep them as a memento.

Jennifer Connelly


Jennifer never admitted that she had plastic surgery. However the photos can tell you that she did.