Be Careful If You See This Bug In Your Home! Do Not Think Of Killing It And Here’s Why!

In this article, we will talk about dangerous bug, a cockroach look-alike bug, found to be very dangerous, and even deadly to people.careful-see-bug-home-not-think-killing-heres


Very often we see bugs in our home but we never taking it seriously. But this can lead our lives in danger.

Especially if it is a assassin bug. Scientists have discovered that this bug can kill animals and even people.

People also know it under the name kissing bug, due to its inclination to bite the area of the face, especially at night, when sleeping. Its bites very much look alike the common mosquito bites, but shortly after they make the bitten persons very sick and can eventually kill them.

This bug transmitted the American disease trypanosomiasis, deadly to animals and humans.

How is this disease spread?

Chagas spreads with the bite of these kissing bugs. Feeding on the blood of humans and animals, they leave parts of their saliva into the bitten body, infected with the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. These are terrible and very dangerous parasites, that further lead to the development of Chagas, a potentially life threatening disease.

If not treated on time, the disease may be fatal to humans.

If you notice this assassin bug in your home, do not try to kill it. Immediately exit your apartment or house and call a professional extermination service for termite inspection and pest control.

source: health awareness community