If you suffer from constipation, this elixir that is easily prepared and does not contain strong laxatives can be helpful.


Causes of constipation are typically changes in normal everyday lifestyle (travel, decreased movement, heavy meals) taking drugs (for example sedatives or drugs acid) or diseases such as diabetes, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc., and often during pregnancy.

Constipation can cause other very nasty diseases like anal fissures (damage to the lining of the anal canal), ulcer of the rectum and very often, hemorrhoids.

It can occur occasionally or to become a chronic problem if it lasts more than 6 weeks, often accompanied by fatigue because the body does not get rid of toxins.

Natural remedy for constipation


  • 1 bowl of spinach


  • 2-3 dl yogurt


Choose quality, fresh spinach. Expressions use stalks and wash the spinach well. Put the leaves in a blender and add the yogurt. Stir well.

Drink a cup of this drink in the morning and evening every day. This drink for a short time will back your digestive system to normal.