How To Prevent And Cure Breast Cancer With One Natural Ingredient

Statistics shows that the number of patients diagnosed with breast cancer has increased dramatically, and it keeps going up.

What is even worse, health experts say that one in eight women runs at a higher risk of breast cancer at any point in her life. Numerous factors contribute to the development of this type of cancer, and scientists do their best in determining the potential way to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Many of the studies have led to one tremendous discovery: flaxseeds helps in reducing the chances of having breast cancer.

What makes flaxseeds that powerful?

Lignin is an ingredient in flaxseeds, and it has shown a huge potential in reducing the possibility of developing this type of cancer due to its estrogenic effect. It is classified as a phytoestrogen, and it lowers the level of natural estrogen that changes normal cells. Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber in flaxseeds also aid in the fight against breast cancer.

How does your body use the power of flaxseeds?

Scientists say that about 80% of all breast cancers are estrogen-positive receptors. Lignin affects the natural estrogen process in the human body. The latest research has shown that flaxseeds have the power to prevent breast cancer, and provide great treatment for patients who already have it.

Flaxseed treatment

A clinical trial involved breast cancer patients and muffins. Yes, you got that one right. Some muffins had flaxseeds and some did not. The group of patients who ate flaxseed muffins experienced increased apoptosis and lower cell proliferation in their condition.

In other words, apoptosis is the death rate of abnormal cancer cells. These tend to live longer than healthy cells. Proliferation is a term that refers to the tumor growth. Cancer tumors grow super-fast due to the rapid proliferation of the cancer cells. The aforementioned study has shown that 2 and a half tablespoons of flaxseed can make cancer cells die much faster.

Similar study confirmed that breast cancer patients who took their flaxseed portion regularly lived a lot longer than those patients who did not ate any.

Eating flaxseeds is a simple, yet effective way to prevent and treat breast cancer naturally. Ask your doctor to recommend you a proper nutrition plan that includes flaxseeds.

Healthy doses

Always grind your flaxseeds prior consumption. Whole flaxseeds may pass undigested through the digestive tract. Coffee or spice grinders work pretty well for this purpose.

Source: Weekly Healthy Life