How To Stop Your Baby From Choking With 2 Fingers – Everyone Needs To Watch This!

St. John Ambulance is an organization that informs people about first aid. According to their data, about 40% of parents have reported a case of baby choking, and over 80% did not know what to do in such situation. This is why it is really important to increase general awareness and spread the information regarding this issue. They also provide information on how can parents help their baby.

How to prevent choking?

Babies are so fragile and gentle, which makes it pretty hard for parents to remove any choking hazard, since even the slightest mistake can cause an injury.

We give you a few detailed instructions on how to stop a baby from choking.

Assess the situation

This is really, really important! Do not do anything if the baby is coughing and wheezing, since air is still reaching their lungs. If you do anything to move the object and block its airway, you can only worsen the situation, because the hazard can get deeper in the esophagus.

But, if the baby stops coughing, start off with the procedure right after the baby stops coughing, because its airways are probably fully blocked. Call 911 immediately, and do the procedure while you wait fot the medical help.

Back blows

Perform back blows if the situation requires that you intervene physically to prevent choking.

First, place the baby on the forearm, and make sure its face is turned down. Use your thumb and fingers to hold its jaw, then lower your forearm to the thing, while keeping sure that the head is closer to the floor than its chest.

Do back blows between your baby’s shoulder blades. The heel of your hands works best for this purpose. At the same time, keep supporting your baby’s jaw using your thumb and fingers.

Chest thrusts

If the back blows do not help, do chest thrusts. Place your baby’s face on the forearm and support the back on its head using your hand. Hold its head closer to the ground than its chest.

Put 2 or 3 of your fingers in the very center of its chest. Only the tips of your fingers should touch your baby’s chest. Press straight down on its chest, and make sure it moves for an inch.

Do 5 chest thrusts. Remember, panic is not your friend. Perform the thrusts carefully and quickly. If there is still no improvement, do both back blows and chest thrusts alternately.

Call 911

If the choking does not stop or if your baby has lost its consciousness, call an ambulance. Do both back blows and chest thrusts while you wait for the ambulance.

Source: Best Healthy Guide