If You Have This Kind OF Phone, You Will Never Have To Pay Your Electricity Bill!

One amazing trick comes from Russian hackers. In Russia, a group of teenagers, found a way to cheat electricity and never pay the electricity bill. And they managed it with the help of a cell phone, and when the descriptor of power came to count the kilowatts, he simply thought that no one lives in that apartment anymore, and went on to do his job.

The trick is in the Nokia 1100, which is quite expensive in the last few years.

The Nokia 1100 is a truly amazing phone and more recently has been used as a mean of retrieving money from an ATM. What you need is an old defective Nokia 1100 phone, which you need to stick to the right side of the electricity meter and you can immediately notice that the meter stands completely still.

And one big note is that you must remove the cell phone from the meter before anyone comes to see your electricity meter.