These are effective treatments to reduce fluid in the knee, follow these tips:

to reduce swelling in the knee, apply ice for each interval of 10 minutes, this is actually a very effective method.

You must lift your affected leg to dispersed properly and naturally the accumulated liquid through the holes in the knee. When lying in bed, try to lift your leg by placing two pillows under your affected leg.

Avoid smoking! Smoking reduces the flow of oxygen and blood to the body. This of course limits the ability of the tissue to be repaired.

Follows a simple remedy to help in case of pain and water in the knees caused by injury:


  • fresh egg yolk
  • one tablespoon salt

Take a fresh egg yolk and mix it with one tablespoon of salt. Apply the mixture on the injured knee. Place the cellophane or nylon foil over it. Ensure the coating with elastic bandage.

This coating must be renewed every two hours, made a new one with fresh yolk.

You must make a minimum of five coverings in one day.